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For over a century Avon Rubber p.l.c. has worked with large organisations and governments all over the world to develop tailored products that provide the correct solutions to their needs. An in depth knowledge of material formulation, design expertise and environmental responsibility combine to provide products which make a difference.

Designed and manufactured at our UK manufacturing facility. We are certified to quality standards ISO 14001, ensuring consistent and high quality manufacturing.

We can provide small precise quantities or large voulme orders.

Avon’s extensive range of Impact Management (AIM)  products are all made from high quality EPDM rubber which resists oil, salt and ozone attack.  

The Extruded Solutions range is designed to reduce maintenance costs and to protect vehicles and buildings from damage. Our extruded solutions range includes: wall fenders, corner fenders, wheel chocks, aircraft chocks, expansion joints, speed ramps, vehicle stops and garage stops.

The Marine Fender range is designed to protect vessels from impact damage.  AIM's fenders can be tailored to specific vessel requirements and will help protect facilities and vessels for many years with minimal maintenance.  We manufacture fenders in a wide range of shapes and sizes suitable for all jetties, docks, piers, boats, ferries and large vessels. Our marine fender range includes: d fenders, b fenders, solid fenders, hollow fenders, rectangular fenders and cylindrical fenders.



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