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Avon Impact Management is a manufacturer of high quality fenders for both maritime and land based applications. Designed and manufactured in the UK, we have a wide range of off the shelf solutions so we can react quickly to your needs.

Our existing fender designs can be tailored to specific vessel requirements and offer robust protection to facilities and vessels. We are also capable of developing bespoke designs with over 100 years design experience and onsite access to ARTIS for materials development.  


Bespoke Solutions

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  • Custom extruding solutions for projects big or small
  • Fast and flexible – we’re here to meet your needs 

Marine Protection


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  • Marine Fenders tailored to your vessels and infrastructure
  • Marine Fenders, Dock Fenders, Jetty Fender, Boat Fenders

Onshore Protection

Onshore Home

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  • Protecting your infrastructure and providing site safety.
  • Chocks, speed ramps and wall fenders

Thermal Imaging


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  • Torch and monocular style thermal imaging cameras
  • On-board fire fighting, search and rescue and night time navigation